DIY shutters for self installation

DIY shutters for self installation

Installing your own shutters may be much easier than you think. When considering DIY shutters the main things to get right are the shutter design and of course measuring your window openings correctly for the shutters you have decided to install.

Over these pages we hope to show you how you can transform your home with shutters through excellent shutter design and then install your shutters yourself cost effectively for a great looking room.

Many retailers sell DIY shutters so the best thing to do is plan out your room, choose which shutter company you will be working with then measure up your windows for a perfect fit.

You won't need too many tools for DIY shutters, but bear in mind if you have an old Edwardian or Victorian home with big leaky bay windows, you might wish to do some renovation work first to get your windows into good order before fixing your new shutters.

We'll show you just what you need to do to get your whole shutters project up and running and complete with minimum fuss and without the DIY nightmares (we hope!).

If you do have any DIY questions which aren't covered here please do contact us and our web teams will try and help you directly.

Shutters do's and don'ts

Think about the design of your plantation shutters for windows try and think ahead and see past the fashions of the day. Shutters will (SHOULD!) last you a very long time, and buying screaming pink shutters for your windows may not be such a great idea in three years time when your daughter has grown up and wants red instead! Shutters for doors might be a nice idea too!

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